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Welcome to Year Four's Web Page!

Dear Parents / Carers,

Happy new year – I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas. Our topic for this half term is ‘music genius'. We will try to tie as much of our learning as possible to this topic. In maths we will be looking at time, problem solving, negative numbers, division, and starting our fractions topic. Last term one of our objectives was time, I will be incorporating this into our daily routine, as lots of practise is needed. If you could help with this at home by asking your child to verbally tell you the time in words, 12 hour and 24 hour that would be really helpful to them. Our English work will be focused on biographies, we will also be writing a narrative to the music of Mozart's 5th horn concerto.

Home learning will still be set on Wednesdays where possible (if not Thursdays), for return to me by the following Monday. This gives your child an evening to have a quick look at the homework and any questions regarding the work can be asked and answered on the Friday before the weekend. There is a home learning help club on a Friday at break time for any children who require further assistance.

I will be setting weekly spellings each Tuesday, for testing on the following Monday. Spellings will include 10 which follow a spelling pattern and then 5 from the National Curriculum Year 4 list. I have seen a huge improvement in the scores from week 1, the children should be very proud of themselves for the amount of hard work they have been putting in with learning these.

Please continue the hard work with times tables, please encourage your child to learn these either by repetition, playing games, if you need ideas I have plenty, just see me! By the end of this school year the children need to know up to 12x12, so lots of encouragement at home will help secure them, so please keep working on these.

Reading groups and days will remain the same. Please can I request that your child comes to school with a reading book from home that they will take home each day and read in the evening, your child will benefit greatly from spending reading time with you, this is so important. You can see this in their writing, last term we read the book ‘How to train your dragon’ as a class, if we liked a word we discussed it in class. These words now crop up all the time in our writing which is great to see and read!

PE: I recently went on Tri Golf training, it was brilliant, so this half term I will be teaching this on a Wednesday as part of our PE lessons. The children will also have a dance lesson with the dance teacher Miss Adams every Tuesday, for which indoor kit of plain white T-shirt and blue shorts will be needed. Swimming will be on Fridays.

We have the production this half term which is very exciting, the children will be taking the words to the music home to practice and are encouraged to practice their dances at home too. As well as this I have arranged for United Utilities to visit on the 2nd February, they will be running a water workshop covering the following objectives:


  • Identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature.
  • Describe and understand key aspects of physical geography, including: the water cycle

Please do not hesitate to speak to me if you have any queries or concerns, either at the start or at the end of the school day.

Kind Regards

Miss K Leigh

Timetable Information


Spelling test / home learning to be returned / purple spelling books to be returner


New spellings issued / dance lesson


Home learning given out / golf 




Swimming / times table test