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                                                         September 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians,


We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are looking forward to the new term. The children already seem to be settling in and are keen to learn. Mrs Ward will teach the class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and Mrs Mair will teach the class on Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Bowler will be the main class teaching assistant in Year 2. She works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Our topic for this half term is called ‘Time to Explore’ and focuses on researching great explorers of the world, like Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We will be looking at how people’s lives have shaped the nation and the world and the children will hopefully gain a historical understanding of such concepts. Much of our art and design work will link with this topic, as will many other areas of the curriculum. During Science lessons, we will be learning about the human body, health and hygiene.  


During Maths lessons the children will be looking at

ordering numbers up to 100, partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and units, addition and subtraction, counting on and back in steps, naming common 2-d and 3-d shapes, recognising odd and even numbers and recognizing intervals of time. They will continue to practise the bonds to 5 and 10 and count on and back in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. They will also continue to practice x tables.


During English lessons the children will be looking at retelling narratives, writing character profiles, researching information and writing and performing news reports. Where possible all of this learning will link to the current topic.


We will continue to practise spelling and reading using ‘Fred Talk’ during our phonic lessons and will continue with the Read, Write Inc phonics scheme, just as the children did in Year 1.


Every Tuesday your child will be sent home with some spellings to learn for a spelling test. This test will take place each Monday and so the ‘New Spellings’ book will need to be returned to school each Monday. The spellings will be a variety of words that focus on the particular sound the children are learning in their phonic learning or might even be topic related vocabulary. This will begin next week. Apart from daily reading, bonds practice, x tables practice, and phonic practice this will be the only Home Learning your child will be issued with at this stage in Year 2. Try to use a variety of ways to practice these spellings. The ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method is usually a successful method. Your child can do this in their ‘New Spellings’ book. You could also ask your child to sound out the word using ‘Fred Talk,’ trace around the word so that they become familiar with the shape of the word, sing the letters in a tune, trace the word out into the air using a finger or trace it into sand etc… Squeebles is an app that allows you to record your child’s weekly spellings into it and is also a fun alternative way to practise them.


Each week your child will have a reading session with either a teaching assistant or a class teacher. This might alternate each week. Please see below for your child’s reading day and please ensure that your child’s reading folder is in school each day, but certainly on that day. There will be a home/school red reading book sent home for any comments. We will begin reading sessions with your child next week, and new books will be issued fortnightly. We will also provide your child with a Reading Journal, whereby your child can choose to do any tasks that they would like linked to their reading book. We will clarify this at the Welcome Evening. This is extra optional home-learning for those that want it. The children can earn ladybirds for good pieces.


Sending reading folders into school each day is very helpful as it helps your child to be organised. Every Friday is ‘Letters Day’ and so all letters will go into this folder and that way they should always reach home safely. We have attached a ‘Weekly Routine’ chart for you to pin up at home so that you are aware of what your child will need to bring to school each day of the week.


P.E kits can be kept in school at all times. We will ensure that your child takes this kit home at the end of each half term so that it can be washed. P.E kit consists of a white t-shirt and blue shorts. If your child is ever unable to participate in P.E, then please send a note into school to let us know. Long hair will need to be tied back for this and any earrings will need to be removed before the child comes to school.


If you have any questions about any of the above information, then please feel free to come and see us, however we will be clarifying these points and providing even more information about your child’s time in Year 2 at our ‘Welcome Evening’ this half term. More information about this will follow shortly.


We look forward to a productive and enjoyable half term.


Yours sincerely,




Mrs. K. Mair & Mrs. S. Ward                          

Year 2 Class Teachers





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