Reception Class Newsletters

Here are copies of the class newsletters that we regularly send out to parents. We aim to keep you up to date with everything that is going on in our class. If you have any questions about what is happening please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Lait. 

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Welcome to 2019 in Reception

7th January 2019

Dear Parents,

We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break. Many thanks for all the lovely Christmas gifts you sent in for us, we were very touched. Welcome back to your child’s second term in the Reception class.


Our topics for this term begins with a look at ‘Winter’ and the weather.

We have started using a daily weather chart and are also discovering what is happening in our school environment at this time of the year. Encourage your child to use his/her senses when with you outside, and maybe get interested in weather forecasts. Hopefully we will get some snow to have fun in !! Be prepared with the wellies / snow boots, hats, gloves etc. if this happens! We will continue to go outside as part of our learning. It is really important that your child has a warm waterproof coat, hat, gloves etc. and that these are all names please. Outdoor provision is an important element to your child’s learning and we do go out regardless of the weather and providing it is safe to do so.


We will then move on to our main focus for this half term- ‘Where on Earth?...’. We will be learning about different journeys, modes of transport, maps, globes etc. We will also be looking at ‘pirates’ in our small world play and transforming our role play into an airport. It would be lovely if you could talk to your child about a recent trip/holiday, perhaps talking about how you got there and showing them where about in the world you went. Photos can be sent in to school to talk about with friends.


In our number work we will be learning about simple addition and subtraction, focusing on numbers to 20 when calculating. Also, 2-D and 3-D shapes, days of the week, positional words such as above, below, through, behind, under etc. This work will be incorporated into written and practical tasks and structured play.


We are continuing to progress well with our Read, Write Inc. reading and writing scheme. Your child may also now be given another Oxford Reading Tree book. Unlike the Read, Write Inc. books/ditties your child is now familiar with these books are not written phonetically and so questions surrounding the text prior to focusing on the actual text helps your child to feel they are reading them successfully. Ask questions and use the language that your child will come across on the page to give clues.  It is very important your child practises his/her reading at home with an adult on a regular basis each week, to assist progress and understanding. The children are also beginning to make speedy progress with their handwriting but once again regular practise at home, using correct letter formation helps your child, greatly. This term we now move on to a blend a week and handwriting will resume in the green books already started. Please could we ask that you ensure your child brings their reading folder into school on their reading day as there is little flexibility when we have 29 children to read with each week.


As your child grows and you are replacing original items of clothing please check your child’s uniform and P.E. kit, including plimsolls are clearly named to continue to help us avoid problems before and after P.E. sessions. Your child wears plimsolls for PE and so it is important they have a pair that are kept in their PE bag please. Our PE slots will be on Wednesday and Thursday this term.


Lastly, can we remind you that we are always available before school if you need to pass on a message. Please come in via our door before the bell rings at 8.55am, as it is difficult to speak to parents on the playground after the bell has gone and the children are walking into school, unaccompanied.


Thank you for all your support. Please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Mrs Bowler or Mrs Fryer about any concerns. Mrs Leigh will also be pleased to speak to you, by appointment.


Thank you,


Mrs Lait, Mrs Bowler and Mrs Fryer