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Here are copies of the class newsletters that we regularly send out to parents. We aim to keep you up to date with everything that is going on in our class. If you have any questions about what is happening please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Lait. 

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Welcome to 2019 in Reception Class

26th  April 2019


Dear Parent,


This half term our focus is ‘Down on the Farm’, including some planting and growing activities and we will end the year with ‘At the bottom of the garden….’ (mini-beasts). We will learn about what happens in nature over the next few months and will hopefully be able to do lots of our learning outdoors. To link in with our language we will be looking at Traditional Tales such as The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen and The Enormous Turnip, as well as looking at a number of other fictional stories that will be topic related. We will also be learning how we get information from non-fiction material and creating our own facts sheets on animals and mini- beasts. Please encourage your child to write as much as possible at home and of course I always love to see and hear about what your child has been doing away from the classroom. Please fill in our sheet ‘I was over the moon with my child when….’ as often as you can, there are always plenty of spares in a folder on our Parents Information Board. The home school link is so important when gathering information on fully understanding your child and their interests.


This term in our mathematical development, we will be making repeat patterns of 4 or 5, learning about time, ordering the days of the week and the meaning of yesterday, today and tomorrow and understanding the value and recognising money coins. As so many of us now pay for items in the shops by card, children do not see the values of coins as part of everyday life. When at home encourage your child to play shops with you and to get used to coins to the value of 50p. Many will probably be much more familiar with £1 coins.

Our number work will be to continue to understand addition and subtraction using practical games and equipment. We will also be thinking about doubling and halving and this will once again be practical and within simple problems. If you can support this in any way at home it will really benefit your child.


We will be including painting, printing, collage, design and technology connected to our topics as well as learning new songs. Aspects of our physical development are focused through our topics and your child will experience different forms of learning through games and indoor and outdoor play. This term we are fortunate enough to work with our specialist dance teacher Mrs Adams. We will therefore have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday until the end of this year. Please ensure a full PE kit and plimsolls are always kept in school.


To develop our knowledge and understanding of the world, we will be visiting the Smithills Farm, Bolton on Tuesesday 14th May.


Many of you will notice that we are continuing to develop our outdoor area and this has been a long term project. Using the outdoor space plays a vital role in your child’s learning and we aim to go outside whenever possible. As the weather continues to get warmer may I suggest you send in a sun hat and some sunscreen your child can apply. We suggest that you apply sunscreen onto your child in a morning. If you want to send in sunscreen please teach your child how to apply it themselves and we ask that it must be a stick/roll on not cream. Past experience has told us that cream goes everywhere and is difficult for your child to manage. The stick must be named and kept in your child’s PE bag.


Children are set different challenges outdoors to those set indoors and most children love the chance to be outdoors. We will be applying our knowledge to challenges and situations which can be brought to life outside this term.  


Thank you to all of you who support your child with reading at home. It is such an important skill to develop and in the next few weeks we will be inviting you to attend a reading workshop where we will both give you information to enable your child to reach their full potential in Reception as well as preparing your child for the Year 1 expectations.  We will also be continuing to use the green handwriting books again this term to practise words that the children will use in their own writing. Sentences can also be written in this book. We ask that you remind your child to form their letters correctly as they write. Please continue to write comments in the yellow book as these help us to know how your child is responding to reading at home, and we often talk to the children about the positive comments made by you, as well as addressing any issues we can help with. It is always a useful way of liaising with you at home.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to speak to me, Mrs Bowler or Mrs Fryer. Mrs Leigh is also available by appointment if needed.


Thank you for your continuing support,



Mrs Lait, Mrs Bowler and Mrs Fryer