Reception Phonics

As a school we follow the Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc. phonics approach. In the Summer Term children who attend our Pre School and who are due to enter into Reception in September begin to learn to Set 1 Phonics sounds. We encourage children who are due to start with us to begin to familiarize themselves with this approach. Below is the link to the website for you as parents to view.

The Ruth Miskin Phonics Approach in Reception offers the following:

Autumn Term- Once the children start school full time at the beginning of week 3 we start by learning 5 sounds per week. We call these Set 1 sounds and throughout the term we introduce all the initial sounds in the alphabet. The sounds are learnt in random order. During the second week of the term parents are invited to attend an introductory meeting, to learn how they should support their child’s phonics at home and to ensure they are confident with the approach.

Ruth Miskin teaches ‘pure’ sounds as a principal, which means the sound is short and doesn’t have the ‘urgh’ that we can be inclined to say if we stretch it out. Each sound also has a little ditty that helps the child to have something to ‘hang the sound onto’ but also aids correct letter formation. This means that as well as the child learning the sound they also learn how to write it from the beginning.

By the end of the Autumn Term the children will know their sounds and be able to blend sounds and read simple words. Fred, a frog puppet comes to each of our phonics lessons and he can only talk in individual sounds. He will say c-a-n and the children help him to blend the sounds they hear and help him to read the words. We call this ‘Fred Talking’ and we encourage children to Fred Talk words (segmentsounds) and then blend the sounds back together again to read the word as a whole.

Spring Term; At the beginning of this term we begin to introduce the children to Ditties. These are short stories that the children follow through. There are related activities that the children must do to ensure progress through the scheme. By now the children are ready to access their first reading books and with support from home their progress will be rapid. Each child learns at different speeds and we will determine what we send home for you to practise with your child. The related activities are planned to suit each individual child. It is vital that your child is challenged  but that we do not put them off by over facing them. We recommend that  you spend 15 minutes each night practising words, reading books and talking about the story to enable your child to feel confident with their reading. Lots of praise and encouragement is vital at this stage, and it is a lovely time where you can celebrate your child’s love of learning and achievements.

It is during this term that we introduce Set 2 blends and the teaching of these follows a similar format the those in Set 1, although we now learn a blend per week and use these to read and write related words.

Summer Term. We continue to build on the skills taught in Term 1 and 2 and by this stage the children will be becoming more fluent with their reading. It is at this time that ‘Fred Talking’ words becomes less of an emphasis as we are aiming for children to have a good bank of words from memory. As their reading and writing develops and the words become more complex we encourage the skill of word building to tackle unknown words.

We begin to teach the more complex Set 3 blends during this term but also spend time consolidating the Set 1 and Set 2 sounds and blends to ensure the children are ready and confident to learn as they enter Year 1.

We recommend that you spend some time using the link below to familiarize yourself with the Ruth Miskin approach to teaching phonics, as it is such an important part of your child’s learning in the Foundation Stage. If your child has the support they need they are more likely to become successful readers and writers.

Ruth Miskin Phonics