Computing Club Videos 

Week 1 - This week we used an app on the iPads called Sketch Nation to create our own games. We created our own characters, objects and backgrounds. You can download Sketch Nation for free and create your own games at home. 



Week 2 - This week we used an Augmented Reality app called Quiver.  First we coloured in a picture and then we used Quiver to make it come to life. You can download Quiver for free and play at home. The colouring sheets are available from the Quiver website.



Week 3 -This week we had so much fun! We became immersed in Cirque du Soleil, using Virtual Reality goggles. We had a go at Play Osmo Tangram and we even had a Humanoid Robot in the classroom. He danced, played football and chased Mrs Patel around the classroom. 


 Week 4 - We had so much fun last week, so this week we had another go on the virtual reality goggles and the robot. We went underwater today, cage diving with sharks and searching for turtles and dolphins. We also played on Osmo Monster. We drew objects onto a whiteboard and the monseter pulled them up onto the iPad screen. 

Week 5 - This week we created basic circuits using Makey Makey kits. We played the bongos on each other, programmed our own sounds using Scratch and made a human piano.