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18th May: A Right Royal Celebration!

Today was the day for our Royal Wedding Celebration and all our special guests got into the spirit by dressing up in red, white and blue! We hung out our hand-made bunting, everyone made a crown to wear and we put up our own royal portraits we'd made during the week. We made scones following the recipe and video tutorial from Co-op's YouTube site: . Then it was time to come together at the wedding banquet for scones with strawberries, jam and cream!

WC: 14th May Getting ready for the Big Day

Throughout the week we have been making our own royal portraits and union jack bunting ready for our royal wedding celebration on Friday. We have played 'pass the crown around the circle' and had all our fancy dressing-up out, creating thrones and collecting treasure-bags of jewels! We have watched a montage of other royal weddings on our smartboard and had a look at some of the teacher's own wedding photos.

9th May 2018


Standing up and painting on a vertical surface with spray bottles and decorating brushes uses those all-important gross motor arm and hand muscles that get our Pre-Schooler's ready for the finer art of writing...! And we loved how the colours mixed and the different tools we used created different textures.

WC: 7th May 2018

After a week, our pea seeds are finally making an appearance! The children have been looking after them; taking turns to water them everyday. They are very excited about the new shoots and have been measuring them with rulers and comparing their heights, finding out which ones are the tallest! We have created our own beanstalk for our dipslay by cutting spirals from green paper and hanging them all together. This has inspired lots of imaginative small world play linking to our new favourite stories; Jack and the Beanstalk, Oliver's Vegetables and Jasper's Beanstalk. We will be planting out the seedlings in our garden once they're strong enough.

20th April 2018

A great process painting idea using cheap frames from IKEA. Children can paint onto the transparent cover and just wipe off. This gives them confidence to explore the 'process' of mark-making and colour mixing, without the pressure of a final 'product'.

WC: 16th April 2018

The Sun Has Got His Hat On and We're Coming Out to Play!

Making the most of the early sunshine with plenty of outdoor play - just add water!