Claire Holt: Pre-School Leader & SENCo

Claire has a teaching degree (BEd Hons) and is an Early Years Professional (EYP). She is also the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for the Pre-School.

She has previously worked in a range of educational settings and most recently in Children's Centres. She has worked at Delph Pre-School since January 2014.

Claire works in all Pre-School sessions.

Sue Magee: Deputy Pre-School Leader

Sue holds a Level 3 qualification in Childcare.

She works at Pre-School sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.

Rebecca Morgan: Pre-School Practitioner

Rebecca is a qualified teacher, with a degree in Early Years Education (BA Hons with QTS).

She has worked at Pre-School since February 2017.

She works at Pre-School on Tuesday and Friday mornings and all day on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Debby Jones

Debby holds a Level 2 qualification in Childcare.

She works in Pre-School on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings.