School Uniform

All children at our school are expected to wear school uniform. We believe that children who come to school clean and smartly dressed in full school uniform will have a better attitude towards their work and school. This is underpinned by our mission statement ‘To Be The Best That We Can Be’.

Fashion items and accessories e.g. brightly coloured pumps and/or socks, stripy tights, leggings, wrist bands, wearing of training shoes or items of jewellery in school are not part of our school uniform.

As a general rule, long hair should be tied back at school and shaved hair patterns/Mohican/extreme hair styles are not acceptable.

We ask that you please adhere strictly to our uniform policy. Any other clothing, which falls outside of our uniform policy is unacceptable for school.

Our uniform suppliers are:

Simply Schoolwear, Chew Valley Road, Greenfield.

Tesco Direct

Parents can download a full school uniform list below.