Here is a summary of our school improvement plan priorities.


Delph Primary School

School Improvement Plan Summary

2017 – 2019



1. To develop outstanding leadership & management in our school.


To lead the school through conversion to Foundation School status and support the development of the Dovestone Learning Partnership.

Increase opportunities

for subject leader monitoring so that they understand the strengths and weaknesses in their subject and take action to make improvements.

Maintain high levels of governor involvement across the school so that governors are well informed about how well the school is performing.

Continue to build capacity across the school through emphasis on quality staff development and training.

Establish a case review system to monitor the impact of pupil premium spending.


2. To develop outstanding teaching, learning and assessment in our school.


Continue to improve teaching from good to outstanding through high quality training, support & challenge.

Develop strategies for improving spelling across school.


Develop writing strategies (especially for boys & at greater depth).

Further develop language & communication skills for all pupils/groups

Continue to develop teaching & learning in maths across school.

Further develop Forest School outdoor learning programme and offer training to other schools.

3. To create an environment which promotes outstanding personal development, behaviour and welfare.

Provide a range of opportunities for pupils to increase their awareness of personal safety & wellbeing.

Develop pupils’ positive attitudes and opportunities for making a positive contribution.

To promote & celebrate diversity and challenge all forms of prejudice.

Maintain high standards of behaviour.

Introduce the ‘Daily Mile’


Continue to offer a wide range of extra-curricular & enrichment activities.

4. To develop outstanding outcomes for learners at our school.


Make effective use of Otrack to analyse cohort progress against objectives.

Develop effective baselining in all classes.

Ensure good progress of SEND / Pupil Premium & other vulnerable groups from starting points.

Implement subject leader action plans.

Continue to develop effective moderation practices.


5. To develop an outstanding EYFS provision.


Continue to develop outdoor learning opportunities.

Promote the expectations associated with ‘school readiness’ to parents/carers.

Use effective baseline to determine attainment on entry  and use 2Simple to capture progress over time.

Access to quality training & staff development



6. Achieve the goals of the Dovestone Learning Partnership.

Schools will work together to develop the quality of teaching, learning & assessment; the quality of personal development, attendance, behaviour & welfare; and the quality of leadership & management of their schools so that it is good or better. Priorities will also include; establishing a peer review process, transition, staff development, exploring financial efficiencies and developing an outstanding enrichment programme.