Delph Primary School Governing Body

A note from the Chair of Governors

It has been my pleasure to serve on the board of governors at Delph Primary School since 1997 and I have held the privilege of the position of chair since 2005.

Our school’s idyllic location, within the little village community of Delph in and amongst the backdrop rolling hills of Saddleworth makes for an almost perfect setting for all who attend.

Staff, parents, and governors alike retain a tremendous pride and enthusiasm in combining to deliver the core aims of Delph School. These are a quality of education, which is reflected in the schools academic results and achievements. Supplemented then enhanced by ensuring a caring, safe, stimulating and happy environment for all of our pupils.

This pleasurable atmosphere and desire to achieve is in the first instance driven and created by a unique synergy of school staff, whose co-operative approach draws in, engages and involves both pupils and parents who attend on a daily basis, along with all those who simply pay us a visit.

From a governor’s prospective and in fulfilling the role as a ‘critical friend’ to the school the culmination of these combined talents makes the job of govenor at Delph School a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.

At Delph School while we recognise it is necessary to strive to be the best; we feel it’s more important to work together as a team to develop each individual ‘to be the best we can be!’

Mark S Hopkins
Chair of Governors