Mission Statement and Aims

At Delph Primary School we are committed to achieving the highest of standards which, we believe, is underpinned by our mission statement:

‘To be the best that we can be’

We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences for:

Developing good working relationships in school, based on mutual respect.

Enjoying being at school, recognising and supporting the needs of all children in a caring, happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment.

Learning through access to an exciting, broad, balanced and vibrant curriculum and a wide range of enrichment experiences, enabling children to develop to their full potential.

Playing, communicating and socialising with others.

Helping each child to be confident, believe in themselves, behave well and make informed choices, necessary for their eventual development into active and responsible adults.

Our Vision

We are determined to provide a safe, happy environment, in which we are all learners together. We are an inclusive school with high expectations for all – we are relentless in our aim for everyone to achieve their full potential, whether academic, creative or sporting. We promote teamwork and mutual respect (with all staff acting as role models). Our goal is that all of our pupils are happy, resilient children, who are ready for the next step in their learning.

We are learning for life – ‘to be the best that we can be’.