Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

At Delph Primary School, we believe that high standards of behaviour lie at the heart of a successful school and enable children to make the best possible progress in all aspects of school life.

At our school, we value everyone as an individual. We have high expectations that support the development of our pupils as effective and responsible citizens. Our relationships with pupils, parents and staff are underpinned by the principles of equality, mutual respect, fairness and consistency.


  • All children, staff and visitors have the right to feel safe at all times at our school. Violence, threatening or unreasonable behaviour by pupils, parents, carers or visitors towards school staff will not be tolerated. 
  • Delph Primary School is an inclusive school. Bullying or harassment of any description is unacceptable. All members of the school community should be free from discrimination of any sort.
  • All children should understand and adhere to our ‘Delph Ways’ which clearly set out our high behaviour expectations. These are shared and displayed around school.
  • We expect pupils to be kind, considerate, polite, well-mannered and to show respect for adults and each other.
  • We expect pupils to adopt a responsible attitude towards their own property, the property of others, the school building, equipment and grounds.
  • We expect pupils to move around school in a safe and orderly manner, having consideration for their own and others’ safety.
  • We expect pupils to work hard and complete learning tasks without distracting or disrupting others.
  • Rewards for good behaviour and sanctions for unacceptable/poor behaviour are outlined in the schools Behaviour & Anti-Bullying Policy and will be consistently and fairly applied.

This statement should be read in conjunction with the schools:

  • Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy
  • Terms Of Access Statement